Monday, 27 March 2017

Easy ways to get ready for a wedding!

Are you in a last minute rush to attend a wedding? Are you looking out for ideas and tips that could help you get ready in just a wink’s time? It is not that easy too but not so difficult as well. All that you need to get in your mind is that you should look traditional and you should have a smile on your face.

That’s more than enough for making you look pretty for the evening. Following are some of the tips that will help you get ready for a wedding in the quickest of time.

even if you are wearing a simple dress with not much heavy work, you can still look a traditional desi woman by just adorning some bridal jewelry.  You could also try some signature jewelry that would make you look beautiful in the wedding.

Try to get the ones that have kundans or uncut diamonds. They enhance your beauty and make you look no less than a queen. Even the bride would not be that stunning as you would actually do. So why wait? Make your audience stun with your simple yet elegant looks.

simplicity works. You don’t have to dab in layers of foundation and then seal your skin coating it with compact and blush ons. You just got to look simple and elegant. You would look the prettiest with just that. All that you can try on is some compact, nude shade of blush and eye shades, eye liner, and lip liner with light or a pastel color lips stick. These are more than enough for a wedding.

you can make yourself look traditional by wearing traditional attire. What you can do is that you can borrow your mother’s sari for the wedding and can try to wear it stylishly. You can wear it as a lehenga too. But whatever you try, ensure that you are comfortable in that.

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